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Author Topic: Once upon a time ESP for for B S or how Walter went into panic mode briefly.  (Read 2704 times)


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I'm bored on the train to Lancaster so are you sitting comfortably ? Then I'll begin.

Once upon a time, well last night actually, I was asked to another house to examine a very badly performing ADSL 1 service. Yes such places without ADSl2+ still do exist !

Firstly I spotted at least three lines running into two wall boxes, one without a cover which was lying on the ground. I got the owner to get his ladder out to fix the problem.

Meanwhile I went indoors with the lady of the house to examine a right royal birds nest. We discovered the ADSL master socket mounted upside down so we joked about the broadband being so too. Perhaps to be expected, 17070 QLT sounded like a kettle boiling. With great aplomb I take the front plate off the NTE5 to try again, and yes the ring wire was still connected.

Now for another QLT but SURPRISE SURPRISE the line was completely dead !!!

Walter feels a panic attack coming on, but wait Mr Mannering, remember the man on the ladder outside ??? Asking him to come down I then discover all sorts of "clever" jumpers, but the 6 crimps all looked intact.

Smartly walking back inside whilst thinking what the h*** do I try now?


I plug the test phone into the freely dangling lower part of the faceplate.
There followed an animated discussion as to how the BT engineer could have left that wiring?
B S can be assured that I stated quite categorically that even a student engineer couldn't possibly have done so. Moonlighting then became the next excuse !

Here endeth ".........

Kind regards,

Black Sheep

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Ha ha ha ........... had this scenario a few times over the years. The first time I would imagine I panicked myself. Being slightly wiser now, than back then, a quick removal of the back-plate would reveal no connections made, therefore the wire connected to the frontplate has to be the feed.

Playing 'Dick Advocaat' for a minute, if the afore-mentioned socket was acting as an extention (even though it is actually an NTE5), then TBH, it wouldn't really matter that it was wired that way. I agree it's not common-practice but if for some reason the back-plate can't be removed (tile-grouted in, or something that may cause a risk of damage to surrounding fascias if forcibly removed), then I myself would have connected it that way. A last resort maybe, but a workable solution nontheless. :)


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quote Yes such places without ADSl2+ still do exist !

Yes I know only too well  ;D

Regards Jeff
zen user