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Author Topic: I believe the Router/Switch is the problem, so how do I fix it?  (Read 2849 times)


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I believe the Router/Switch is the problem, so how do I fix it?
« on: February 17, 2012, 05:56:26 PM »

Hi Guys.  Its has been a long time but I finally have a problem that I has me pulling my hair out.

I have recently added the Netgear DGN3500 (for the wifi-N and Gig-Lan) and Netgear ReadyNas Duo (not my first choice, but it was an bargain until HDD price fall) to my network.  The good news is that I can stream file from the NAS box to laptop, phones, dvd, tv etc (i.e. the LAN inbound traffic becomes wifi/lan outbound traffic).

The problem - when I transfer a small to large files (4MB to 1GB) from my Laptop (Windows 7) to NAS (Linux), the transfer fails and the router needs to be restarted.  There seems to problem getting the Netgear DGN3500 Wifi inbound traffic to switch on the LAN outbound traffic.

Here is the error message that I receive in Windows:
An error occurred while connecting to \\Nas\share\folder Microsoft Windows Network: The local device is already in use.  This connection has not been restored.


There is a problem accessing Y:\Backup
Make sure you are connected to the network and try again.

After trawling through all the Netgear Readynas blogs discussing the endless windows registry or mtu (all set to 1458) suggestions, or the Netgear Readynas setup options, I am thinking that I missing a problem with the Router.  How so...  Well it what happens the attached devices that surprises me. 

Basically, the all LAN devices disappear, but any WAN devices don't disappear.

Here is my set up:
<A> Modem/Router/Wifi - Netgear DGN3500 - provides the incoming internet connection from O2, and acts as the DHCP controller.

<B> Switch/Wifi - Netgear DG834 - wired to (A), and the Wifi was turned on because a Wifi printer connection wasn't strong enough on <A> (due to interferes from nearby TVs & Walls).  I haven't turned on Wireless Bridging.

<C> Laptop - this has wired and wireless network connectivity.

<D> Nas - Netgear Readynas Duo v1.

<E> Other wired devices

<F> Other wireless devices

The desired network map:

<C> & <F> connect to <A> using Wifi.  <A> is wired to <B>.  <B> is wired to <D>.  Other wired either connects to <A> or <B>.  Printer connects to <B> using wifi.

Step 1 - When log into the admin screen of <A>, I can see all the attached devices, <B> to <F>.  I can also log into <B> and <D> admin screens using my Laptop.

Step 2 - Now I start a file transfers.  Tiny KB file transfers are fine, but the larger files lead to the windows error message.

Step 3 - I can still login into <A> from the Laptop, but the can only see other <F> connections.  The connections to <B> & <D> disappear, so I can no longer login into them.  I sometimes find that other wired connections disappear.  This also means that the DLNA service fails.

Here are the trouble-shooting approaches:
Direct connection between <C> and <D>.  No problems transferring files, but bugger me if I am going to climb in the loft to transfer files.

All wired connections (replace wifi with Lan).  No problems transferring files.  Hopefully this isn't the only solution. :-[

Direct Connection between <A> & <D> and a wifi link between <A> & <C>.  The transfer fails, the devices are connected, but <C> cannot read/write to <D>.  The devices disappear, but the DLNA services still works???.

Any thoughts on the changes that I need to make to the Netgear Router to allow the Wifi Inbound to become Lan Outbound?