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kitz: is happy to announce arrival of a new kitz wiki.

The wiki is intended to be a searchable repository of useful broadband articles and technical facts.  The beauty of a wiki is that unlike static html pages, content can be added to or amended by anyone authorised to do so.  The aim is that authorised users can also update information much quicker and easier than with static html.

The wiki will not be open to all, as wiki's can easily be an attraction to spammers or vandalism, and it has therefore been decided that only members of a newly formed Content Team will be able to add or amend pages.

So now that the wiki is finally up and running, we need a few guinea pigs volunteers who would be willing to be part of the team.  ;D

We feel that we already have an excellent forum community with some good and strong members and therefore the wiki content team is open to forum regs.

Application to be part of the content team can either be in this thread, or to the admins/mods who will arrange wiki edit access for you. 
You will need to supply a username and also your email address so that the automated script will forward you details about your account to you. This ensures that personal info (such as password) will only be known by you.

Meow? ^-^

Perhaps one of the Trinity [1] will respond to my query, please, via a PM?

[1] Kitz, Eric or TD.

Thank you burakkucat - you haz mail

We're tripping over one another in our eagerness. :)

sounds very good  ;D


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