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Author Topic: Unlocked BT Modem - Data reporting inconsistencies  (Read 2879 times)


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Unlocked BT Modem - Data reporting inconsistencies
« on: December 19, 2011, 08:33:53 AM »

Having access to an unlocked modem, I have been harvesting my stats & graphing them for a while.

I originally took most of the data from the URL that is used to populate the Huawei HG612's GUI.

Looking closer at the data obtained via the other "xdslcmd info --xxxx" commands as used in a Telnet session, it became apparent that a few inconsistencies/discrepancies were present.

Kitz forum member JustAnother has expanded a little on these issues, along with quite a detailed explanation of the modem's stats at:-,10289.0.html

I used my original data & graphs to convince my ISP (Plusnet) that all was not actually as rosy with my connection as they had thought.
Plusnet thus arranged an engineer's visit, the result being that "some" of my ongoing connection issues appear to have been resolved (mainly regarding the connection's stability).

For now, I am graphing both the data obtained from the modem's GUI AND the data obtained via a Telnet session via some Windows batch files that I have developed, extensively based upon the excellent Linux scripts as developed by burakkucat.

Some of the values are identical, but are defined as different "things", dependent upon where it has been obtained.

I have attached example graphs below that demonstrate this point.
(Apologies for the "size" of the graphs, that may make it a little difficult for some users to view them.
Once it has been confirmed beyond any doubt which data set(s) to use, I will remove any redundant graphing from my batch files - soon to be publicly released, but everyone is welcome to try out the current versions if they wish to)

Notwithstanding the various "discrepancies", the graphs do clearly show the differences between a high speed, stable connection (not shown here), & a lower speed, somewhat less stable connection.

Please note that the blank areas in some of the graphs are due to the fact that I don't yet have sufficient data for the more recently added graphs.



Just for reference, I have added an example of the basic connection stats for a "decent" connection as line_stats-P-20111023-1259.png.
I don't have the ongoing log from that connection. However I would imagine that error counts & fluctuations in SNRM/Sync speeds would be almost non-existent.
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