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Author Topic: HTC Phones - G series.  (Read 11794 times)


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Re: HTC Phones - G series.
« Reply #15 on: October 29, 2011, 12:12:46 AM »

She is my rock and I would be lost without her  :hug: :love:

Awwwwww   :hug:
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Re: HTC Phones - G series.
« Reply #16 on: December 16, 2011, 03:35:54 AM »

I know a few people on here have HTC phones and wonder if they can confirm something for me.

I'm trying to purchase a few accessories for my HTC Desire S such as leather flip case, car charger etc...  and I notice it keeps coming up as G12 and Im unsure if the G12 is actually the same as the HTC Desire S.  Most of the stuff on E-bay are for the G12.

During a google search Ive come across lots of similar questions but no-one seemed to be able to give a definitive answer for this model...  until  I started searching under G series + HTC and I came across just this one answer.

The g7 IS the HTC desire. There are indeed copies of the g7, but they run winmo


Most GSM Android HTC phones have a G number

G1 HTC Dream
G2 HTC Magic
G3 HTC Hero
G4 HTC Tattoo
G5 google Nexus 1
G6 HTC Legend
G7 HTC Desire
G8 HTC Wildfire
G9 HTC Aria
G10 HTC Desire HD
G11 HTC Incredible S
G12 HTC Desire S
G13 HTC Wildfire S
G14 HTC Sensation

Does anyone know if this is also the case or had a similar experience with their HTC phones... 
.....and should I therefore be safe in ordering items such as this marked Desire S G12.
actually, the HTC G12 was called the smakrt phone that exported to overseas market ,but in china local marmet , we called the HTC G12 as Desire S
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