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Author Topic: Ofcom Launches Consultation Re. Faster Net.  (Read 8392 times)


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Re: Ofcom Launches Consultation Re. Faster Net.
« Reply #15 on: October 18, 2007, 01:13:12 PM »

... you might have thought that they would be as badly slagged off as BT for not improving high speed services.

They've been clever in that respect... by always keeping their headline speed above that of (and generally slightly cheaper per Mbps) than mass-market BT Wholesale based services.


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Re: Ofcom Launches Consultation Re. Faster Net.
« Reply #16 on: October 23, 2007, 10:34:15 PM »

I stumbled across this article today which mentions the roll out of Fibre in Japan.
New York Times

But while that speed is a boon for Japanese users, industry analysts and some companies question whether the push to install fiber is worth the effort, given the high cost of installation, affordable alternatives and lack of services that take advantage of the fast connections.

Indeed, the stock price of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, which has two-thirds of the fiber-to-the-home market, has sunk because of concerns about heavy investments and the deep discounts it has showered on customers. Other carriers have gotten out of the business entirely, even though it is supported by government tax breaks and other incentives.

Japan broadband is the envy of many countries and the Fibre rollout has been heavily backed by their government.  The fact that despite this backing and financial aid there has been heavy financial reprocussions in their telecoms industry is worrying and sad to see.

I really cant see BT doing the same thing and investing billions and billions particulary if OFCOM are then going to force them to open it up to other companies like they have done with LLU.
so that the LLU providers can undercut yet OFCOM  thenenforce such things as the Margin Squeeze Test  ensures that BT keep their prices high.  OFCOM really isnt doing the general public any favours and this ridiculous situation is creating a two-tier broadband system in the UK :(
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Re: Ofcom Launches Consultation Re. Faster Net.
« Reply #17 on: October 24, 2007, 10:17:27 AM »


You have hit a big nail with this.
OFCOM has the power to do all the right things, BUT it is principally financed by the large companies with an interest and will unfortunately it appears only bow to their wishes unless persuaded by the media.

All that have complaints, of whatever point, should ensure that a copy goes to their MP. Only when an MP's in tray starts to get blocked will something start to happen, and happen fast iot sure will!!!!
So every time someonr has a complaint about any form of telecoms related service make sure a copy of the ENTIRE file is sent to their MP.

Block their in trays is the way to a better future,

As a rider to this dont forget the Government received approx 21 Billion for the sell off of 3G licences and to Fibre out the nation would be a max it is stated of 14 Billion !!!!!!!!!!

Then there are the NotSpots that there always will be, so little cost would clear that up if there was a people push.

Hope you agree.
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