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Author Topic: OpenWrt (Chaos Calmer r46559) for ECI/r v1 & v2 - Update: G.INP/ReTX Support  (Read 210905 times)

Alex Atkin UK

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When I had that happen it was because Plusnet had a PPP gateway down - they run them in round robin pairs so it's pot luck which you get at the point of auth. It would either take 50+ attempts to auth or a reboot (or two) to get on. See what your PPPoE logs look like on the device behind the ECI modem, or on it if that's how your setup is laid out.

No its actual sync that is failing, I suspect a G.INP bug or OpenWRT issue.  Once it comes up, its fine and even if it drops so far it comes back fine, its just after initial power up.
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