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[1] Three UK Commit £2bn to Commercial 5G Broadband Rollout in 2019

[2] High Demand Causes UK Gov to Reduce Gigabit Broadband Vouchers

[3] Openreach Drone Brings FTTP Broadband Over Rural Scottish River

[4] TalkTalk and Infracapital have hit deadlock over a £1.5bn joint venture

[5] Ofcom Warns UK Phone Providers to Stop Obstructing Number Ports

[6] Nottingham and Belfast Join Openreach’s FTTP Broadband Rollout

[7] Ofcom Take Second Stab at Openreach Dark Fibre and Opens Ducts

[8] BT See £712m for BDUK as Ultrafast Broadband Hits 2Million Premises

[9] New UK Regulatory Regime Begins for Legally Separate Openreach


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