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Title: B****y Laptops
Post by: feliscatusx2 on August 03, 2006, 09:16:55 PM
Had a call from No1 Daughter "my laptops running really slowly, do you think I might have a virus?"

Went down there with a USB memory stick stuffed full of useful software and installed AVG, AdAware and Eastcleaner.  Scanned everything - no virus infections, no spyware, except a few tracking cookies, and only 428 registry errors.

Thank heavens for NAT routers.

Deleted a couple of startup entries, Acrobat reader etc.

Found the main problem, this is an newish Acer with a 1.5 gHz processor, 256Mb RAM running XP.  Told her to go buy loadsa memory for it.

Using XP on this PC with the horrible pad to move the mouse is a real trial. Proper Mices are much better.

Also defragged the HD, took nearly 3 hours.

What a relief to get back to 98SE.
Title: B****y Laptops
Post by: kitz on August 03, 2006, 09:56:16 PM
lol... all in all a good day eh?

Some mouse pads aint too bad.. on my FJS lappy that I had I became a dab hand, and could even do graphic editing with it..
(damn cat killed the FJS) :/

These days I have an Acer, and went for a specific type mouse pad (synaptics).. although I now mostly resort to a mouse.
Title: B****y Laptops
Post by: soms on August 05, 2006, 11:11:30 PM
I recon some manufacturers supply the laptops with so many useless utilities and apps preinstalled by default that it is a loosing battle from the start to keep things running smoothly.

I have a friend with 2,8Ghz Sempron, 512Mb RAM Packard Bell (i think) laptop.
It came with Norton Internet Security pre-installed, along with AOL and all sorts of rubbish. My far older 1.4ghz laptop could out-load it with 256mb ram.

A couple of months back now I upgrading the RAM to 1Gb and bought a copy of diskeeper defraging program. Since that it runs far better, and can even properly multi-task using XP!

(Note: mine doesnt run fast because dell supplied it as such, it runs fast because i have wiped the HDD and reinstalled once or twice and been a bit selective about what i put back on it)