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Title: Another large disturbance possible
Post by: waltergmw on November 12, 2010, 07:07:22 PM
Herewith another shortened notice which might have the potential for significant disconnections:-

Service: ADSL Dial
Posted: Fri, Nov 12 2010 at 16:58:18
Subject: Planned BT Network Maintenance - Monday 15th November Midnight-6.00am

When's this work happening? Early Monday morning, 15th November.

What does it affect? Broadband connectivity.

How long will it take? Up to six hours.

What does the work involve?
We've received notification from our suppliers about multiple maintenance works that are scheduled to take place across various parts of the country early on Monday morning. Each individual job affects a relatively small number of our customers, however the total number of circuits affected is in the thousands. Because of this we've taken the decision to post this planned maintenance notice.

Am I likely to notice the work?
Possibly. There are approximately 10,000 customers who could potentially see a 2 hour outage at some point during the maintenance window.

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Title: Re: Another large disturbance possible
Post by: renluop on November 12, 2010, 08:39:09 PM
Night off for my little toy then!