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Title: More help with Modem vendor identifiers:
Post by: adslgeek on July 19, 2010, 12:47:34 AM
Hey Kitz,

Here are some more suspected modem identifiers that I have worked out recently.
TCTN      TrendChip
CXSY      Connexant
STMI      ST Micro Electronics
BCLA   Alcatel Sachem
CTA      ?
ITEX           ITEX
CTI      Connect Tech
TM      Thomson Multimedia?
Those below look like a manufacturer ID   
CBAL      Alcatel Sachem
LABC      Alcatel Sachem
CSCO   Cisco
NTGRTM      NetGear
MB              ?
GPN      ?
DLINK   Dlink
PRNT      ?
NPSG      GlobeSpan
ANDV      Analogue Devices
Hdbgarea   No idea, but common

ADTN - Adtran
JPNW - ?
LSI  - ?
ONE - One Access
PRNT - ?