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Title: Firefox previous session oddity
Post by: jeffbb on January 23, 2010, 07:16:32 PM
 I have selected the option to clear history when FF closes .
The odd thing is that when I close a FF session with multiple tabs I get asked "do you want Firefox to save tabs for the next time start".This happens if I close by shutting the window or using the File,Exit button.

When I select the option to save it does not work as the next time I open FF the old session is not displayed .
If this intentional then I would have expected to NOT be given the option to save the session.

Sometimes this  is a bit inconvenient .There is one one way around this . Don't close Firefox window just shut down PC  with FF still active , the option to save window will come up . Select "Save and quit" ,then the next time FF is opened the old multiple session will appear .

this works in Vista SP2

Regards Jeff