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Title: Blast from the past? - Geocities closure.
Post by: kitz on October 27, 2009, 07:50:27 PM
I don't know how many of you will remember or it will be relevant to, but I felt I must post this.
Yesterday Geocities closed  it's doors one what must have been one of the first places which made webspace available for the personal user.

GeoCities' time has expired (


GeoCities would finally take down all of the animated "under construction" signs, and we'd hear one last Midi file to the tune of horns playing taps.
Instead, GeoCities will probably go down with a whimper today.


At the turn of the century, GeoCities was nearly ubiquitous. Fathers created websites about their families; kids created sites about Pokemon; teenage girls created sites about the Backstreet Boys. Practically every facet of culture was documented and thanks to search engines, easily accessible.

All of those documents are about to disappear.

I know that for my very first ever website back in 1997/98, I used a combo of geocities and tripod.  Those of you who were around at the time will remember what the average website looked like back then.  iirc geocities provided you with a 'web program', but it was nothing like youd see today, it basicically consisted of an interface which let you paste in html from notepad.  In fact I dont think I can recall ever using a wysiwyg tool until Netscape Composer in about late 1998?

Anyhow due to the technology of the time.. the result of this was a basic style of websites that all looked kind of similar in certain ways.  Also remember there wasnt really any broadband in the UK and most people were on dial up which also severely limited what you could put up on a website.


What I must share with you.. is to commemorate the closure of geocities, yesterday changed the layout of their site to that of a familiar geocities style website. today have a fairly modern interface.. but for the sake of posterity, chris yesterday grabbed a copy for permanent viewing, which you can see here (

Very cleverly done..  the familiar email images, the familiar colour styles - I dont recall CSS back then.. the familiar type of animated gifs and backgrounds.   
Also including the most popular mistakes that used to creep into webpages due to the lack of wysiwyg web authors... such as broken tags and broken and wrongly sized images etc etc   :lol:

Ohhhh blast from the past..  & maybe an eye opener for those who havent been around the net for so long.  If you are really geeky check out the html.
Made me laugh anyhow :D
Title: Re: Blast from the past? - Geocities closure.
Post by: BritBrat on October 28, 2009, 08:55:39 AM
I knew of this a few months ago they did let user know about it.