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Title: xp/ie8 problem
Post by: jj4091 on October 19, 2009, 07:56:26 AM
After my computer crashed recently I have managed to reload the operating system ( XP )  &  completely updated it, reloaded all my software successfully, but have a couple of issues that I cannot resolve & would like some advice please. First the m/s auto update keeps trying & failing to instal security update for flash player KB923789, second my pc will not allow me to download the latest adobe flash player from the adobe site( I wondered if  I need to turn off firewall, but I am reluctant to try) , but do I really need the latest flash player anyway & finally  when I clicked on my desktop link to open my broadband connection, internet explorer used to open automatically, this has stopped happening & I have to launch IE 8 from the start menu. Thanks
Title: Re: xp/ie8 problem
Post by: tuftedduck on October 19, 2009, 08:26:22 AM
Good morning, jj4091  :)

The best way to update your Flash is not to try and do it "online" though either MS or Adobe.
Go to a clean download site ( my favourite is ) and save the file to your desktop or download folder, then come off line and run the .exe file to install..........install over the previous version is fine.

Note there are two versions of for IE and one for all the other browsers.

As to your connection issue.......are you using an "always-on" router or a modem ?
Title: Re: xp/ie8 problem
Post by: jj4091 on October 19, 2009, 04:07:19 PM
Thanks for the quick reply, I will try your link. I am using an always on router but never leave it on as I always switch my pc off after use.  Quick update for any other computer illiterates like myself, the option to launch IE is in the bt broadband connection tab (where it says options ??? :) Thanks for the attempts to help