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Title: Newly Discovered (the Hard Way!) Source of Interference
Post by: general disquiet on October 09, 2009, 08:18:23 PM
I've just posted the following on the BT forum, but thought it would also be worth posting here as it is more generally applicable.  Hope no-one minds?

I've just discovered a new (at least I haven't yet found another reference) form of electrical interference that can cause your router to lose sync.  I was trying to take a photograph of my electrical set up to illustrate a point on another forum about the use of timers.  The area I was trying to photograph is under a built-in desk and normally concealed behind a panel, so I had to use flash.

The digital camera, which turns out to be faulty, was used within 2 feet of the router (a 2-Wire2700HGV BT Business hub) and a similar distance from the BT Master socket, a surge-protector block for most of the PC electricals, a timer for my router and a Netgear homeplug.  The fault on the digital camera was related to the image capture and may, or may not, have been the source of the interference!

The effects was startling and severe:

The SNR margin first took a 4dB dive and then shot up 12dB to 21dB!   Needless to say the speed and IP profile took a nose dive!

I don't advise anyone to try this at home - unless you can live with the consequences and are brave enough to try it for the general good!