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Title: 21CN ADSL2+ "not available"?
Post by: Mick on September 17, 2008, 10:43:15 PM
At the beginning of the summer I recall that 21CN was showing something like 3rd Quarter of 2008 for my exchange, on this page: (  Now, it says:
21CN WBC (Broadband)   Not available

Why is that?

I also tried to find some info on BT's 21CN website and there's nothing there.  Have BT by passed my exchange for now, or are they just running late?
Title: Re: 21CN ADSL2+ "not available"?
Post by: kitz on September 18, 2008, 12:37:33 AM
>> 21CN WBC (Broadband)   Not available

Because that information comes from the BTw database, which seems to have stopped supplying information.  The dates are currently under review and unless BT has a firm set date, they are not supplying any information.  :(

Theres many exchanges that were due to go live this summer that have been put back... and theres many many more exchanges that now dont have a date.  Even the official 21CN BT site isnt giving out any information. :/

From this post here (

Unfortunately though WBC info is a bit sparce atm for some exchanges, as WBC and 21CN PSTN enablement dates are under review, therefore on many exchanges it will return "No info" but still show amber (due to a previous date being set).. and/or "Not available" for WBC

Not much I can do about that right now though since even the BT official switched-on ( site is stating "areas of the country are being reviewed between BT and other communications providers. This lookup tool is currently unavailable and will be updated as soon as possible"
Hopefully though as soon as the info is available again from BTw it should automatically start working again.

Title: Re: 21CN ADSL2+ "not available"?
Post by: Mick on September 18, 2008, 07:02:44 AM
Thanks kitz,

It seems that 'switched on' is 'switched off'.   :P

I guess with the economy in a downturn they are pacing themselves for reduced demand, which means I won't be seeing ADSL2+ for some time yet.