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Title: decrypt / encrypt huawei b68a ( hgxx ) config file
Post by: coolirc on March 08, 2021, 07:03:26 AM
Hello i need some help in encrypting the config file of huawei B68A device similar to HG635 HGXX devices it depends on lzma compression and aes iv keys to encrypt and decrypt config file . i found a similar script to encrypt and decrypt the config files in python with the correct aes keys i am able to decrypt the config file if i comment the signature exit then the script will continue to decrypt without issue

Code: [Select]
if (actual_md5_hash == target_md5_hash):
    print("Signature ok...")       
    print("Signature not ok...continue")

the full code is here : (

the problem is with the encryption method it does encrypt the config file but it is not accepted by the router . config file
b68a.conf : the original config file
enc-b68.conf : the encrypted config file using python script