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Title: Bad (Bull)Doggie
Post by: kitz on May 07, 2006, 02:12:14 PM
I recently received a phone call that I would like to share that raises some questions.
Because of the very asian ethnic accent Im assuming the call was from some indian call center.
It went something like this:-


BD: Good morning madam this is BullDog communications.
ME: Hello.
BD: Im calling with great news about our services do you have a moment?
ME: Yes, ok.
BD: Bulldog would like to offer you our services, do you have a computer?
ME: Yes I do.
BD: Good news our checker indicates that you can have either a 1 or 2Mb with BullDogs uncapped broadband with no limits.
ME: Ohhh can I? Only 1 or 2Mb though? [The BT checker for my line states > 6.5 Mb]
BD: Do you already have broadband
ME: Yes I do....... with 8Mb.
BD: Oh.....  erm..[slight pause]
BD: May I ask how much youre paying?
ME: ?14.99 per month [ok I lied - not strictly true but I knew BD was around ?20/?25 and they dont know Im not on BB+]
BD: Per month? ..  ohhh [silence for 5 seconds]

BD: Great news madam. Bulldog can offer you uncapped 16Mb speeds!!
ME: Really? I thought you could only offer those speeds on certain exchanges?
BD: You are on [insert town] exchange madam?
ME: Yes thats correct.
BD: Yes [insert town] exchange 16Mb.
ME: But surely to offer me these higher speeds you would having to be using adsl2?
ME: So are you telling me that Bulldog have LLU'd my exchange?
BD: erm.....


Shame she hung up on me because:-

1). I would have loved to ask how she got my ex-directory number which is also registered with the TPS (
2). Now I have looked at their site a week or so ago and I have put my phone no in their checker... but I made damn sure I ticked the check box.

3). Finally I know for sure that my exchange is not Bulldog LLu'd and I wonder if I hadnt queired adsl2...... if they would have tried to close a sale on the promise of a 16Mb product.
Title: Bad (Bull)Doggie
Post by: bob.gas on May 07, 2006, 03:54:09 PM
:lol:  :lol:
Indeed to goodness!
Looks like a good post for C/A Kitz.