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Title: Considering getting Vodafone Gigafast - some questions...
Post by: flilot on July 09, 2020, 04:54:56 PM
N.B. - I've posted this same topic over on TBB, I know some of you visit their forums too, just wanted to cover my bases and get the most info.

I'm considering having a Vodafone Gigafast connection installed, and I'd like to get as much info as possible before committing, hopefully from those who have already been through the process.

1) In my area CityFibre *seem* to be sharing poles with BT (as they only installed ducting and cabling on the one side of the street with BT poles), so I'm assuming the engineer will run a new overhead fibre cable alongside our existing BT copper landline to the property?

Speaking of our existing landline, nothing will happen to this in any way, will it (as we want to keep it for now)? The reason I ask is, I did a dummy run through the ordering process without committing on their website, and it mentioned that we would get a new landline number (please see image attached to the bottom of this post). I'm assuming this will be the completely separate Vodafone home phone service, and will not affect the BT landline at all (as we won't be switching our existing number to Vodafone) - we don't want Vodafone cancelling the BT landline in any way.

2) Our property recently (last summer) had new external wall insulation and rendering applied, I've spoken to the landlord and they are happy for a new line to be fitted, with any associated drilling of walls etc. I assume the engineer who fits the line will be au fait with properties with this type of external insulation/rendering and know what to correctly do in regard to clipping any external cable runs to rendering etc?

3) Does anybody have any images of their installation (ONT etc) so I can work out the best place for ours to be situated (I know it has to be near a power source).

Sorry for all the faff and questions, I just want to get things straight in my head before taking the plunge. Thanks!
Title: Re: Considering getting Vodafone Gigafast - some questions...
Post by: j0hn on July 09, 2020, 05:59:40 PM
Despite the fact they use PIA (duct and pole sharing) they will not touch the BT overhead feed.
It would be a separate drop wire.

If you migrate, your existing telephone number would come with you and the old service would cease.
They still wouldn't touch the existing line for this.

If you order it as a new service then the existing BT service and number would be retained.

Engineer will be trained as expected and should install the new drop wire in a similar fashion.

Can't help with point 3 I'm afraid.