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Title: Persuading Outlook 2019 not to block file attachments
Post by: aesmith on February 21, 2020, 07:13:18 PM
As per the subject I wonder if anyone knows how to stop Outlook 2019 from blocking file attachments whose filename suffixes are on Microsoft block list?  Microsoft calls them "file types" but that's misleading because it's purely the name they go by.  A file ending .exe is blocked but if renamed to something else it would not.  In contrast to proper screening systems that check inside the file to decide whether to permit or deny.

I opened a case with Microsoft but got the sort of block headed response that I suppose I should have expected, along the lines of "get your customers to send files in different format", or "why don't you share files using Sharepoint".

I've seen a document explaining how to create registry keys listing permitted file types.  Not ideal because that would need to be done on every PC, and because MS keeps adding to the list of "types" that they block.  Also I can't see a way to permit a file with no suffix, which is one of the examples I had yesterday.

Really I want to switch off that attachment blocking altogether, our email is scanned anyway before we receive it.  And I think Outlook no longer has that stupid behaviour of running scripts even if configured not to do so.  I may be wrong on that last point, I try to keep Microsoft at arms length unless it starts obstructing me like this.

Current work around is to use a different email client, but I detect some resistance from others who seem to prefer Outlook.  So a proper fix would be good if there is one.

Thanks,  Tony S
Title: Re: Persuading Outlook 2019 not to block file attachments
Post by: jelv on February 21, 2020, 09:11:24 PM suggests it can be done by Exchange Server admin.
Title: Re: Persuading Outlook 2019 not to block file attachments
Post by: aesmith on March 03, 2020, 01:15:38 PM
The technical support case with Microsoft reached a dead end.  They have confirmed that there is no way of persuading Outlook not to block attachments with no suffix, or whose names end with just a dot, nor any mechanism to switch off the blocking behaviour altogether, only the ability to add registry entries to white list specific suffixes.  Furthermore it seems that the only files that they were confident would not be blocked are password protected zip files, so essentially their impractical recommendation is for me to contact any senders and ask them to use only that format.  Good luck persuading Cisco Licensing for example to change their practices to humour Microsoft.

So it seems the only option is to use a different email client.