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Title: Telephony on residential FTTP
Post by: aesmith on January 29, 2020, 01:37:40 PM
This has been touched on in a couple of threads, hopefully nobody minds me raising it as a discussion in its own right.  I'm trying to get to the bottom of the voice options for properties on FTTP, and I must say that firm information is hard to obtain. 

On another thread it was suggested that BT supply something via the BT hub,  but if that's the case then BT themselves are unaware of it.  Speaking to sales line they explained that it is delivered via the telephone socket on the Openreach modem. They were unaware that this service is being ceased by Openreach, and could make no comment beyond "I am sure they have a plan to provide this after".  He couldn't say what that plan was, and but said I'n need to call Openreach.  Pretty bad really considering that an FTTP order placed today is unlikely to go live before that end of sale for FVA.

Zen have confirmed that the provide voice only on an analogue line, which would be extra cost in addition to their FTTP price.

Andrews and Arnold don't do conventional voice anyway.

I've not checked with any other FTTP provider.

I'm researching this from the point of view of non-technical normal residential customers.  People who just aren't going to be researching SIP providers and sorting out compatible kit or number porting agreements.
Title: Re: Telephony on residential FTTP
Post by: PhilipD on January 29, 2020, 02:06:45 PM

I think you've had your answers already, I'm not aware of any other options.

1) Keep (and pay for) a separate landline and keep voice as is until around 2025 when it will be turned off anyway.
2) Get new kit and sign up for VoIP from one of several suppliers and get the number transferred.
3) Do away with the landline and use a mobile for calls. (This will be the main choice I think for most come 2025)

Some ISPs may include the VoIP hardware in the router, which enables the plugging in of a standard phone line avoiding the purchase of new VoIP phones, but will still need setting up.  Some people just will not like the extra complication and lesser reliability of a landline over the Internet, those same people are probably going to also dislike having holes drilled in their walls and boxes permanently fixed and plugged in for the fibre electronics in addition to wires and a router plugged in.

I can understand you are trying to remove that particular hurdle for people moving to FTTP to get everyone on side for the community scheme, however for some (certainly an older generation) they will not like or understand why they should lose their phone line.  You may also need to factor in issues regarding any remote monitoring over the phone line such as burglar alarms, as they may not work correctly over VoIP.

This is going to happen to us all by 2025, but I suspect by then there will be many more options and it will just be plug and talk.

Personally I would push VoIP and recommend a supplier, then do some tests and type up some instructions along with some tested hardware choices, and maybe be prepared to help some people out as long as they go with what you know which means you'll be familiar with the kit and it will be quick to do for you.  Some positives, if people are using the same VoIP supplier calls between them are completely free with no monthly subscription required, and they don't need to worry about it when it happens for everyone else in 2025.



Title: Re: Telephony on residential FTTP
Post by: licquorice on January 29, 2020, 02:59:11 PM
As you have already stated, FVA to the Openreach modem is being phased out. BT are currently trialling Digital Voice which I believe will be its replacement although I don't know any details but suspect it is VOIP built in to the hub. The latest BT Super Hub2 has a phone socket.
Title: Re: Telephony on residential FTTP
Post by: j0hn on January 29, 2020, 03:40:37 PM
As I mentioned in a previous thread those already consuming FVA from BT get their voice by connecting to the voice port on the OpenReach fibre ONT.

BT was the only ISP I'm aware to ever sell FVA.

OpenReach has a stop sell on FVA from March 2020 but BT have been selling FTTP for a few months with voice being done via the new hub as mentioned above.
They called the trial "digital Voice trial" or something similar.

BT staff know nothing about FTTP unless you call the dedicated FTTP team.
I wouldn't expect the standard sales team to be aware of anything FTTP related.
If it's still in trial then no surprise the FTTP may not all be aware of it.

Sky sell G.Fast in a similar manner.
It's the OpenReach SOGFast product (G.Fast with no PSTN) and Sky add their own VOIP via a telephone port on their Hub.
Their FTTP will be similar.
Title: Re: Telephony on residential FTTP
Post by: aesmith on January 29, 2020, 04:11:35 PM
BT staff know nothing about FTTP unless you call the dedicated FTTP team.

Would that be the number on their main web site under "Fibre to the Home (FTTH)".  0800 587 4787.  Or is there some other special FTTP contact route?
My previous contract was via the web chat from their "Broadband / Full Fibre Broadband".   A colleague at work was told the same thing, voice via the Openreach modem, but at that time he didn't have the facts at his fingertips to ask what happens after March.
Title: Re: Telephony on residential FTTP
Post by: licquorice on January 29, 2020, 04:54:07 PM
Yes, 0800 587 4787 is the FTTP team's number
Title: Re: Telephony on residential FTTP
Post by: j0hn on January 29, 2020, 06:18:16 PM
Yes that's the right number.

Is it a fibre only property or is there a copper line also?

AIUI by default the copper pair is used for voice if 1 exists.
FVA is only needed in fibre only properties (new builds).

Many of BT's FTTP customers use neither FVA via the ONT's telephone port or digital voice via the hubs telephone port. They use PSTN via the master socket.

Digital Voice via the hub might still be in the trial stage?
They don't seem to be accepting signups to the beta at present.

Quote from:
Openreach have announced a stop-sell of FVA products from March 2020.

1 of the most recently announced OpenReach ONTs doesn't even have an ATA port.