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Title: Uno Duo Products
Post by: jaydub on July 14, 2019, 09:06:13 PM
I'm a happy IDNet customer, but just started looking around in case I could find a quality ISP with whom we could save a few pennies.

I'd already spotted that both Zen and Pulse8 were more competitively priced than when I joined IDNet 18 Months ago, before checking the Uno web site.

Until recently their Duo Phone & Broadband product had only been available on ADSL at our exchange.  However that has now changed and I appear to be able to get their Duo Advanced 80/20 product for 27.50 a month (inc VAT), which is damn sight cheaper than IDNet, Zen and Pulse8 and even their own Fibre only product.

Their web site has no information about how this is provisioned, so just a question does anybody here know anything about or have any experience of the Uno Duo VDSL products.