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Title: From HDMI (Output) To DisplayPort (Input)
Post by: burakkucat on March 30, 2019, 11:39:42 PM
Example: A R-Pi with an HDMI output and a Dell E1715S monitor with a DisplayPort input. Is a cable for such a connection available?  :-\

I've gone cross-eyed with the number of cable specifications that I have read.  ???  I can find DisplayPort output to HDMI input. I can find HDMI output to VGA input. So if HDMI output to VGA input is possible then I would think that HDMI output to DisplayPort input should also be possible . . . but I can't find anything.

  助けて  :help:
Title: Re: From HDMI (Output) To DisplayPort (Input)
Post by: watcher on March 30, 2019, 11:57:11 PM
I've found this one but it is a tad expensive at around 36 LINDY 1m, DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable (

"The LINDY HDMI to DisplayPort adapter cable allows you to connect newer PCs and Laptops with HDMI connections to DisplayPort equipped monitors or displays. Simply connect the cable to the HDMI port of the source device and the DisplayPort connector to a DP equipped monitor or projector. Please Note:This cable has built in electronics to convert the HDMI signal to a DisplayPort signal, and will not work the other way round."
Title: Re: From HDMI (Output) To DisplayPort (Input)
Post by: johnson on March 31, 2019, 02:23:21 AM
I fear HDMI -> Display Port will require an "active" adapter much like DP -> DVI, these are expensive and do not always work well. As per watchers link and a little googling 35-40.

A cheaper alternative with the example rpi & E1715S monitor you mentioned would be an active HDMI to VGA adapter if perfect image quality isnt of concern. They are around 5:

This may require you use up one of the pi's usb ports for power as per:
2. To work with low-power HDMI devices, please plug the included USB to Micro USB cable into the USB port of your computer/wall charger and the DC port of the HDMI to VGA adapter.

While not directly related to this, I am sure display port is better from some technical perspectives but I really wish manufacturers were not in such a hurry to give up DVI in favour of HDMI + DP. A dual link DVI port can do 144hz at 1080p and is fully backwards compatible with HDMI with dumb cables, why remove them completely from graphics cards?

a little cheaper at 25:
Title: Re: From HDMI (Output) To DisplayPort (Input)
Post by: burakkucat on March 31, 2019, 07:21:44 PM
Thank you, both, for your thoughts on the subject and the links you have provided.

The Dell E1715S monitor has both VGA and DisplayPort inputs. As the VGA input is already allocated and in use, I was thinking of ways to connect the R-Pi to the DisplayPort.

Not to worry . . . In all the years that I have owned the R-Pi B (one of the original models), I have never seen its graphical output. It runs headless with multi-user mode (rather than graphical mode) as its systemd default target.