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Title: What Resberry pi plus ancillaries& firmware etc for continuous stats
Post by: grapevine1 on January 28, 2019, 09:12:32 PM
It is being suggested that a good choice of modem router could be Zyxel VMG8924-B10A so lucky I have two. (been collecting). I quite fancy using a Resbery Pi to process/collect the stats data as wideranging as possible.
The CAB (650 meters away) is believed to be a pre 2012 Lantiq (Infineon) from its size and the air vents or could it have been modified if done. Currently I have at last got a FTTC feed thro 650metrs of twisted copper off that cab, feeding a plusnet HubOne. Whilst training giving me 6159/36190 data rate giving a snr 6.3/5.7. Line attn 32.9/22.6. Me no happy but Quite a joy from 4Gmps
Basically who could tell me the shopping list Resberry,boards (the monitor and board looks interesting) unless there is a better idea out there.I prefer that all bits run off an existing 12volt floated battery. I got rid of the mains glitches and power cuts years ago that really was a massive help when the slow service was off a DG834V3 router
Title: Re: What Resberry pi plus ancillaries& firmware etc for continuous stats
Post by: kitz on February 14, 2019, 01:27:43 PM
I believe you may not have gotten an answer to you post as it contains some irrelevant info and doesn't cut to the chase your requirements from the RPi and things like budget, experience with RPis/Linux, if it's a hobby or learning curve.

What does concern me (with what I think you are trying to do - although a couple of my questions in the other thread are still unanswered!).... is that if you find the Zyxel's GUI challenging, then unless there is a specific reason you want to monitor using DSLstats... why make things over complicated?

You said you already monitored the old Netgear modem using Routerstats on a laptop.    So why not just make things easy for yourself and run DSLstats on your Windows Laptop?

I don't want to discourage you from dabbling & learning with a Raspberry Pi if that was your intention.   But most of us here run DSLstats on Windows (or Linux) PC's.   Those that run from an RPi usually do so because they don't have a desktop/laptop that they want to leave switched on 24/7.  eg one of our regs uses a RPi in an otherwise totally wireless iOS network (iPads & iPhones only).

Aside from the fact of having to build and set up the RPi, you will then have to do so some configuration to get DSLstats running on it.   
Whereas DSLstats works practically 'straight out of the box' if you run it on a Windows machine.