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Title: L2TP on iPad
Post by: Weaver on December 04, 2018, 04:53:27 PM
I read that one can set up the iPad to speak L2TP? Has anyone tried this?

Is this straight IP over L2TP over UDP over IPv4? And so no encryption?
Title: Re: L2TP on iPad
Post by: kitz on December 13, 2018, 05:10:21 PM
I may be missing something, but I can't figure out why anyone would want to do this at a personal level ...  unless they are trying to remote access into a (L2TP) corporate network.  L2TP doesn't have any authentication (nor as you've already pointed out any encryption) so you'd also need to use IPsec for security.  In other words its another way to set up a VPN to a corporate network.

I haven't looked into it, but when you say 'ipad to speak L2TP' would it really not just be a way of configuring iOS/Android's inbuilt VPN client to be able to connect to a VPN network which uses L2TP tunnelling.

Apols if I've misunderstood.
Title: Re: L2TP on iPad
Post by: Weaver on December 13, 2018, 05:37:59 PM
Itís a way to get my iPad to be able to speak IPv6. The stupid mobile network that I am on right now doesnít do IPv6 and years have gone by and it never seems to be happening. But AA have L2TP endpoints available and you can get accounts set up on those.

Also, it might be a way of getting unfiltered proper static IPv4 and IPv6 over random cheapo mobile networks which have unknown censorship and NAT, is easy integration with my existing systems fir cheap if I ever needed to do a lot of mobile data. Racked up a £50 bill on mobile network charges in one day in hospital a few years ago and wonít be donít that again. But now I think I read something about Three [?] doing all-you-can-eat fixed cost data deals now.

Iíve looked into it a little more since this original posting, and Iím not certain, but it looks as if iOS can do a lot in the way of tunneling and VPN protocol stacks of various kinds.

So I thought it might be worth researching it some time just in case of some disaster.

The alternative is to take my own 4G router to hospital with me, and that is something that I already have set up and tested and ready to go. That also is better because it has optional big antennae, and you can park it in a window, so there are no problems if your bed is in a bad spot in the room and the iPad canít see the 4G network right there. Once when I was in hospital, I parked my BlackBerry on a table where there was better 4G and got it to create a WLAN and hooked up the iPad on that.

As for your question about speaking L2TP, yes, it would mean somehow configuring the built-in protocol subsystems with the right magic runes.

I got this idea because AA discussed it as a desperation measure given the problematic service they have obtained from some 4G USB dongles. These possibly all present an Ethernet NIC-type interface, whereas the 3G Huawei one that I have is like a [?] virtual Hayes-type dialup modem with PPP, from the crumbs that I have picked up from their support wiki, if I have understood. The 4G ones enforce NAT on you and all sort of horrors, so you canít use your own IP address blocks, again no IPv6 etc. So there was a mention of L2TP to tunnel out of hell. Thatís what gave me the idea that I might be able to steal that trick for the iPad.
Title: Re: L2TP on iPad
Post by: chenks on December 13, 2018, 06:29:08 PM
might be a obvious question to ask, but what are you missing out on by not having the iPad speaking IPv6?
Title: Re: L2TP on iPad
Post by: andyfitter on December 13, 2018, 10:02:42 PM
I think it was to do with wanting/having every single one of the LAN devices on publicly routable IP addresses, although this led me to question of why would you even want that anyway?