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Title: Cloud gaming services - Shadow
Post by: CarlT on November 25, 2018, 12:00:37 PM
Any of you lovely people tried ?

I tried Onlive and, while it was visionary for sure, it had some issues. This seems to be a better product - it's a virtual machine with much more flexibility than something like Onlive. I'm tempted to give it a try!
Title: Re: Cloud gaming services - Shadow
Post by: Bowdon on November 25, 2018, 03:52:52 PM
It looks interesting. But at £26.95 per month! I'll give it a pass.
Title: Re: Cloud gaming services - Shadow
Post by: Weaver on November 30, 2018, 06:58:30 AM
The price is a bit scary. But if you are really into apps that need very expensive hardware I suppose it might save you shelling out a lot on kit up front.

Itís a VM hosting service or an actual physical PC that gets allocated to you? Do they own / control the o/s? Iím wondering if you get administrator access or even physical access so you could reinstall an o/s of your choice? Installing *nix on the box perhaps would get you shot and might fail if you can no longer see the screen mouse keyboard. Does your hard disk content persist from one login session to another ?

It would be an incredibly expensive way of getting an x64 aka AMD64 architecture *nix box with root access to play with would it?

How fast an internet connection do you need to have to get that amount of screen captured live video down to you at whatever high res? Fine until your husband starts download all of Game of Thrones from Amazon and someone else starts fetching app and o/s updates as well right in the middle of your game playing session. Itís at that point that all your hardware and network had better understand and obey QoS.