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Title: Tom visit
Post by: Weaver on November 24, 2018, 04:21:26 PM
A very strange ‘first’. Just a few minutes ago, Tom, the village cat who has adopted us, jumped up on my bed and came to see me, purring his head off, sitting in my chest and begging for tickle, which he got a huge amount of, in a very long session. It’s the first time he has ever dared to come into the bedroom. Luckily there were no other cats on the bed.

After a protracted session of administering fuss, he curled up in the crook of my arm, still getting stroked. All the time he kept checking the doorway, wide-eyed and apprehensive. Suddenly Caoimhe jumped up onto the bed, and seeing Tom, she froze, of course. Thank goodness they both kept calm, while I stroked Tom’s head and talked to him reassuringly. Incredibly, Caoimhe came creeping towards me, and via a circuitous route, ended up cuddled up in my other arm, and occasionally hissed at Tom who thankfully did nothing. She then burrowed under my duvet and curled up in a ball there. Tom took this as an opportunity to dare to creep out of the room, very very slowly, seeing as she was no longer looking at him.

I never thought I would see the day.

He is the biggest fusspot, desperate for head-tickle and he drools while constantly purring.
Title: Re: Tom visit
Post by: burakkucat on November 24, 2018, 05:19:00 PM
I would like to have seen that. It's unfortunate that Mrs Weaver does not have a camera directed at you, so as to monitor all (feline) activities!  :D
Title: Re: Tom visit
Post by: Weaver on November 24, 2018, 05:39:00 PM
She didn’t know anything about it. The whole thing is part of a general improvement in feline relations. I am told that Tom and Somhairle were both together this afternoon, eating up cat treats, with no claws and no hissing, all under very strict supervision.

Janet has one of these pheromone dispenser things, a box with chemicals in it and maybe a heated element, I forget, but anyway the box is like a large three-pin mains plug, goes straight into a mains wall socket and slowly dispenses ‘lactating female’ something chemicals which are supposed to reduce aggression. It does seem to reduce the number of fights anyway. Beileag chasing Caoimhe, making her squeal in fear, is one example. (Used to be the other way round. Iirc, Caoimhe lost her confidence when her brother Fergus was killed and she has never been the same without him.)