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Title: Suggestions for wiring master socket
Post by: j0hn on November 18, 2018, 06:19:05 PM
We've just decorated and my better half is asking if there's anyway we can do something with the modem cable/patch lead coming out the front of the master socket.
We have a table going up against the mastersocket and te cable protruding like it does will get in the way.
My modem is going to be (re)wall mounted next to the master socket.
How I currently have it is in the attached pic.

At the moment I dont use the standard lower faceplate with a BT phone socket.
I have 1 with an RJ45 port (from AAISP) as I do not use the landline (and have no future need/wish to use it).

When I suggested I could cut the RJ45 socket off my modem cable and and feed the cable into the base of the master socket she liked that idea.
She's sure she now wants this.
When I showed her this on the MK3 SSFP she was horrified at how chunky it is.

How would I best achieve connecting my patch/modem cable (cw1308 0.5mm solid core)  with no connector on the end, without using the MK3 SSFP

Do I bypass the master socket completely and gel crimp the incoming feed to my patch cable?
Do I try sharing the IDC block of the master socket with both the incoming feed and my patch cable.
Can i connect the patch to the extension IDC block?

I've done similar before but used the MK3's AB terminal on the front (like in 2nd image).

Many thanks  :)
Title: Re: Suggestions for wiring master socket
Post by: burakkucat on November 18, 2018, 06:45:26 PM
You have an NTE5/A. The "/A" specifies that the lower front face-plate has a socket to take the standard BS6312 431A/631A plugs. On the reverse of that lower front face-plate are the IDCs connected in parallel with the socket.

An NTE5/B is identical to an NTE5/A with regards to the Openreach segement of the unit. However the "/B" specifies that the lower front face-plate does not provide a socket . . . it just has the IDCs on its reverse.

Ideally you would source a lower front face-plate from an NTE5/B, remove the 8P8C plug from the cable that currently links the modem to the 8P8C socket and connect it to the IDCs on the reverse of the "/B" face-plate. Re-fit the lower front face-plate to the NTE5, taking care to position the cable in the exit notch at the bottom, and the job is done.  :)
Title: Re: Suggestions for wiring master socket
Post by: Weaver on November 19, 2018, 02:37:32 AM
I wall mounted one of my modems, was a bit fiddly to achieve because the modem has feet on it which act as spacers of course and so these were in the way, but once this was overcome the modem was successfully attached to the wall and it was a good result. Now to get more sticky pad things and do the other modems likewise.
Title: Re: Suggestions for wiring master socket
Post by: j0hn on December 29, 2018, 12:38:51 AM
Should probably have updated this thread.
I broke my thumb pretty bad so all DIY was put on hold.

Just before the big fat man in the red coat came I got the living room finished with my modem and master socket as I wanted it.
My modem patch lead comes from the modems RJ11 xDSL port, in the bottom of the master socket, and terminated directly to the IDC's on the back of the NTE5A.

The 2nd pic shows I had to strip back the outer sleeve of the CW1308 cable to expose the pairs in order to get the cable to fit in the bottom of the NTE5A faceplate.
It's neater than the photo shows, I gave it a tug before taking the photo to show the exposed pairs.

The MK3 faceplate has a gap on the underside for feeding a cable in like I have but it's just a small notch on the NTE5A.

I can find 1 source on the whole of the internet with NTE5B faceplates in stock.
It's 6.50 delivery though making it over 10 for a blank faceplate.
The NTE5A will do for now.

Average sync/attainable improved by about 0.3-0.5Mb.
The patch cable is only about 10cm shorter but I also had to replace my AAISP unfiltered  faceplate with the NTE5A.
The unfiltered faceplate has no IDC's on the back to connect to.

Yes the Zyxel lights really are (well almost) that bright. The picture makes them a little brighter but not much.
There's an option in the WebUI to disable some of the LED's but if you turn the Ethernet port lights off it turns the actual ports off.
The other lights seem to turn themselves back on after a while.

Some black electrical tape will temporarily be placed over the disco show till a more appropriate solution can be found.
Title: Re: Suggestions for wiring master socket
Post by: burakkucat on December 30, 2018, 01:20:21 AM
Thank you for the update. I had completely forgotten about this thread.

I have just one important question: Does Senior Management approve?  :-X