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Title: Web hosting on the ultra-cheap
Post by: Weaver on September 22, 2018, 09:48:28 AM
Since the demise of my beloved UKServers (absorbed) I have been thinking about whether or not to get a web server up and running. Needs to be ridiculously cheap, reliable, very full functioned. IPv6 support is absolutely essential requirements, which unfortunately will rule out a few worthy candidates.

A thought: Any worthy mentions that are still IPv4-only, and I could always ask them what their timetable for modernisation is tho. That way they will know there is demand rather than simply missing out on silent customers who are going elsewhere.
Title: Re: Web hosting on the ultra-cheap
Post by: burakkucat on September 22, 2018, 04:10:35 PM
If I have remembered correctly, John, a.k.a. d2d4j (;u=7935), will offer any Kitizen favourable terms for web hosting. You will need to make contact and discuss matters via a PM.
Title: Re: Web hosting on the ultra-cheap
Post by: Chrysalis on September 22, 2018, 06:42:00 PM
I will provide webhosting, ipv6 (and support http/2) included, probably for free for any kitz member.
Title: Re: Web hosting on the ultra-cheap
Post by: chenks on September 22, 2018, 06:52:19 PM
out of interest, why is IPv6 absolutely essential ?
Title: Re: Web hosting on the ultra-cheap
Post by: andyfitter on September 23, 2018, 01:31:59 AM
And I wonder why do you want dead cheap, but bullet proof webolsting, possibly cutting corners, when you are prepared to pay such incredible amounts of money for 4xAA DSL connections? Odd priorities to me!

I thought you also had a hosted Raspberry Pi installation somewhere too? Could you use that?
Title: Re: Web hosting on the ultra-cheap
Post by: Weaver on September 23, 2018, 03:12:47 AM
What I donít need is huge performance. Large amounts of i/o and huge storage space are things that one generally needs to pay a lot more for.

Itís only something I am thinking about, for experiments, and I have not even properly thought through exactly what I might do with a web server.

@andyfitter My wife runs a business, and internet connection is essential to get some work done. My priorities are my own affair.

Could not use remote pi as it does not have IPv4 and too many other reasons to count.
Title: Re: Web hosting on the ultra-cheap
Post by: Weaver on September 23, 2018, 04:05:31 AM
And thanks to admins for moving this into a suitable location as I could not think straight as to where to park my question.

Many thanks for the generous replies.
Title: Re: Web hosting on the ultra-cheap
Post by: Weaver on September 23, 2018, 05:25:37 AM
I would also be interested in suggestions for novel and interesting things to do with a web server, apart from the obvious, droning on to an audience of hopefully no one from your pulpit aka blog. That just shows you how unfocused and ill-defined this exploratory semi-idea is. Mea cuppa.

I canít do a serious website for my wife now, donít have the mental energy any more. Plus the security implications and critical nature thereof in my opinion means that such should be left to a managed web server service where someone who actually knows what they are doing re say LAMP can be responsible for secure configuration.

Contrary to what I said earlier about the raspberry pi. I could perhaps use that for some http-related experiments as long as I could work out how to properly firewall it off so that it did not serve http or provide any access to the public, just to my own address ranges and so defeating most of the usual point of a webserver.
Title: Re: Web hosting on the ultra-cheap
Post by: kitz on September 23, 2018, 11:12:36 AM
With Weaver's limited bandwidth, I doubt hosting his own webserver would be the best situation.

ipv6 could be a stumbling block when it comes to cheap.  My own hosts offer ipv6 ( and I did enquire about swapping over a few years ago, but there was some reason (which I can't recall now) why I decided not to proceed at the time.

Someone has already brought up d2d4j and Chrys has made an offer.  Personally in weaver's case I think he needs something fairly simple which takes away the stress of having to manage the important things such as , but he may also wish to be mindful of other things that he already has access to. 
For example I rate c-panel & phpMyAdmin databases above ipv6.
Title: Re: Web hosting on the ultra-cheap
Post by: d2d4j on September 23, 2018, 11:41:30 AM

@bcat and kitz - thank you for thinking about me

I was following this thread yesterday but didnít reply as I needed time to think about any reply sorry.

In terms of weaver requirements, we are discluded due to no ipv6, which does not make us backwards or losing our. Interworx and all our systems are fully ipv6 compliant, including firewalls IPS/IDS etc and we have some platforms running http2 in full (not behind proxies). In fact, I am waiting to install a new cluster (interworx is a fully clustered hosting platform) but will do so when arrangements have been made to collect some of grandchildren to save an additional 500 mile trip. We can have as many ipv6 as we want.

@kitz, I do not think weaver was going to run his own web server from his connection at home. Although, this is the best option for him, say running a pi but only internally using internal ipv4 and ipv6.

@weaver you could limit connections using htaccess

Also, any hosting provider has T&Cís, which I have the impression that weaver may break and be banned if doing anything which may or lead to a compromise

We are not a cheap hosting company but then again, all our clients are known to me and our services are designed for commercial not public and we are UK based.

Please also understand there are many elements to hosting, such as MySQL php versions email, stats backups etc... all of which need to managed/updated in a timely fashion

@jenks ipv6 is not a must have for most.

@chrysalis please could you confirm your offer in full ie what is free and what cost for none free.

It is not that we would match, we do not get into wars with anyone but it clarifies for all to see and although it would not affect ourselves, it would affect some outside of our company

Many thanks

Title: Re: Web hosting on the ultra-cheap
Post by: Chrysalis on September 23, 2018, 08:07:59 PM
its directadmin control panel, ipv6 support, php support, unlimited databases, ftp and sftp support, http/2 support, built in letsencrypt cert support, phpmyadmin, webmail via roundcube, smtp and pop support, modern ciphers supported (a+ on ssllabs), php 5.6 and 7 both supported, unlimited bandwidth, the limitation would be storage space which i dont know off hand what i would supply but more then likely enough for personal usage.

to clarify i dont sell hosting i host things for friends, its an offer, nothing more then that.

so the support is just me not a team, and my two directadmin servers are not uk, one is france and other germany.