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Title: Packet scheduler
Post by: Weaver on September 17, 2018, 03:51:59 PM
Could I write my own io packet scheduler for *nix ? Something that takes a load of incoming IP packets wrapped in PPPoE, queues them up if necessary and time-schedules them to be sent out to n modems over PPPoE.

I am thinking about accurately calculating their arrival times at the far end of multiple links with different speeds and even different one-way latencies and ensuring that they do not arrive out,of order where it matters. This would mean back-calculating correct start-send times from proposed arrival times. Would do pacing, transmit rate control, and serious proper QoS, from explicit rules and heuristics, with stuff assigned to independent queues with strict priority plus anti-indefinite postponement too. Also with upper layer snoop, to identify independent flows and to identify things deserving of performance tweaks such as prioritising TCP ACKs, TCP CONNECTs, and prioritising DNS queries. Also serious modern anti-bufferbloat.