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Title: 4G ultra heavy usage.
Post by: Weaver on May 25, 2018, 05:33:28 AM
4g / 3g question: Assume you have won the lottery. You also set up several 4G NICs, lets say 4+, and blast away all the time sending and receiving lots and lots of data for hours at a time.

Could you end up eating a lot of the capacity in your cell? Or would you find that you are contending with yourself, and reducing the throughout available to each NIC because of the competition with your other NICs?

You would also be bankrupt of course.

Would you find yourself kicked off the network because you are eating up a whole cell? If you for some reason we're at it 24 hours a day for ever, would the network operator eventually find a need to increase capacity to give other users some more capacity back and ensure that there is still something left?