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Title: My update experience to Win 10 ver 1803
Post by: Bowdon on May 17, 2018, 11:59:31 AM
So this update went rather well compared to previous updates. I updated through the regular windows update function.

The only 2 problems were;

1. It reset my desktop colours and on my 2nd monitor it changed control back to windows instead of leaving nvidia to control it. It was easy to change everything back to how I had it.

2. The only software that failed for me was Avast. I had updated Avast (free) to the latest version earlier in the day and got it working. Then I did the windows update and when it came back to the desktop the avast ui failed to load. At first people on the forum were saying it needed 3 reboots to work. Which didn't work for me. Then some people found it was because remote access had been disabled in windows services, so some people were enabling it (which isnt a good idea to have that running constantly, so I didn't do that). So I ended up on the advice of a tech guy, uninstalling avast, using avastclear to remove all signs of it, and then reinstalling the offline version. After the reboot avast was back working. Btw, if you have any exclusions or settings set, then make a note of them before you do this because you'll be literally starting a new install of avast. Luckily for me I only had 1 exclusion to remember.

Apart from that, all went well.