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Title: DS lite ipv6
Post by: Chrysalis on February 24, 2018, 06:50:24 AM
Seems virgin media want to use this technology, does anyone know much about it?
Title: Re: DS lite ipv6
Post by: Bowdon on February 24, 2018, 01:58:03 PM
I've just been looking at a few German youtubers as there must be an ISP there that is doing this DS-Lite thing, and the players are having big problems connecting to games services.

It seems that when a person tries to connect to a service it attempts to use ipv6, and when it can't it drops back to a tunnelled ipv4, which either means the connection is slower, or in the case of the video I watched, the playstation network doesn't think the guys PS4 is connected to the net.

I noticed the video I'm watching is from 2015. This is what the guy said (its translated);

Since March 2015 I can no longer gamble, twitch or watch YouTube videos online with my Playstation 4. I constantly get the message: "no LAN cable connected" although it is connected (even WiFi does not provide a remedy.). After some research, I came across the fact that cable Germany switches the IP addresses to the IPv6 format. IPv4 is only served via DS-Lite. Sony and the PSN supposedly have problems with it. I'd like to ask the two of them to handle this problem (should it be possible without new hardware).

The video is here. ( If you can understand German that might be more helpful. I had to use the auto generated closed captions. There is another german guy complaining about it too on youtube.

Hopefully these problems are fixed by now.


There seems to be 2 protocals. Dual Stack Lite and Dual Stack. People on the Dual Stack Lite are the ones that are getting all the problems. This issue is big in Germany.

Here is a post by one of the tech guys at sony (I think). It's in German so get the google translater on it: (


Ok, I found out Liberty Global own Unitymedia in Germany, and they use DS-Lite. So the chances are big that if VM introduce it here we're going to get the same problems the Germans are having.

I have also heard that changing MTU settings helps, and might be a fix.