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Title: AAISP now offering 1TB & 2TB on BT lines
Post by: jelv on January 03, 2018, 07:12:33 PM
Previously this was offered on TalkTalk wholesale lines only.

Quote from:
We have upgraded our order pages to allow ordering and regrading to the new terabyte tariffs on BT lines (as was only on TT lines before). Not available on 20CN, but otherwise you can now select 1TB (on Home::1) or 2TB (on SoHo::1) as just another tariff choice. As usual regrades take effect from next month, and the quota bonus system applies to this tariffs as well. Importantly they can be "balanced" with lines on the same site that are not on terabyte levels allowing multi-line sites to have different tariffs on each line simply shared in total by both lines.

I wondered if the bit about multiple lines would be of interest to one of our regulars who already has multiple balanced AAISP lines - presumably you could have two lines on the old units based tariff with only one unit each and the third on 1 or 2TB.
Title: Re: AAISP now offering 1TB & 2TB on BT lines
Post by: Weaver on January 04, 2018, 12:37:43 PM
Thank goodness for that. I am so totally confused now. A long while ago a member of the sales staff went through a long and very confusing conversation with me, telling me “You would have to have so-and-so quota on the first line and so-and-so on the second line” making it twice as expensive and too much allowance compared to what I need, before then later telling me “Oh and you can’t have <deal_x> anyway because you don’t have a TalkTalk line”.

I wish they had just kept it simple at a charge for a copper line and a charge for traffic for everyone, just as I have it now, and just optionally quote <n_lines> + <traffic_quota> optionally bundled into a single figure for those who would prefer to see it presented that way. The problem is that the offerings have just evolved. The old system was and is flexible enough to cater for everyone with no-one excluded.

I have very expensive daytime per MB download charges (not good) and extremely cheap overnight charges (very good).
Title: Re: AAISP now offering 1TB & 2TB on BT lines
Post by: Weaver on January 05, 2018, 06:00:58 AM
I asked an AA staff member to send an email to Mrs Weaver with some advice about the feasibility, if any,of changing over from the units-based tariff to one of the (Home|SoHo)::.* deals.

This is despite the fact that I have a multiple bonded line set up and need combined quota over the n lines. And I want to retain my existing good things - (1) IPv4 address block, foc, (2) BT “Premium” traffic prioritisation (it used to be called IPStream Max Premium iirc, something like that, not sure what it's called now?) and (3) BT posh repair/call-out thingummy [cant remember what it's called - ".* care"?], on one line.
Title: Re: AAISP now offering 1TB & 2TB on BT lines
Post by: Weaver on January 10, 2018, 02:01:46 AM
I’m now told that I can keep the good extras aforementioned. I just wish there were one table now somewhere with a list of charges for every such thing, or even better a spreadsheet or a calculator tool.

There used to be a tool in the good old days which would add everything up for you, cost of n, lines, of traffic, and extras.

I'm not at all sure that changing will save me any money switching over, plus there's the risk of my screwing everything up. I would avoid the horribly expensive daytime charges though. But I download programmes rather than watching them live 'streaming' on the fly as it's potentially too unreliable and very inconsiderate when Mrs Weaver is trying to get some work done.

Don't have anyone to hold my hand and cost it all up for me properly as I'm just too fuzzy.