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Title: Slow ADSL
Post by: kitzuser87430 on August 31, 2017, 08:50:12 AM
Strange one last night; was at a client complaining of slow broadband. I eventually managed to run a bt wholesale performance test (attached)

DSL connection speed 2.69 Mbps Down and 0.45 Mbps up

IP Profile 0.14 Mbps

Acceptable range 0..05 to 0.25 Mbps

They have been chasing their CP for months about slow broadband even has an engineer to the house (and charged about 100 for the pleasure)

I phone support on their behalf and after running tests the phone operative came back with "We can see there is a problem with slow broadband on your line, it will be fixed within 48 hours".

I asked what the problem was and of course was told that it was something but he can not see it on his system, just it will be fixed in 48 hours.

Anybody have any clue what the problem is/was apart from an artificial cap on the line?

Title: Re: Slow ADSL
Post by: tickmike on August 31, 2017, 01:13:59 PM
That's odd so did I at 23.24 last night I had loads of problems, I did speed tests on ADSL2 2.57 Down and 0.00 Up !  :o at 23.59 2.01 D and 0.13 Up  then back to normal after midnight. odd.
I am in South-Derbyshire.
Just done speed test 2.65 Down and 0.7 up that's about average for me.