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Title: Win 8.1 Desktop Shortcuts
Post by: tiffy on June 17, 2017, 11:11:31 PM
Anyone noticed anything funny, just over the last few days, with creating desktop web URL shortcuts ?
Using the method I always have, ie. right click on desktop, create new shortcut, paste or enter URL, add name & save.
Results now:
Produce 2 shortcuts, the originally created one is blank and won't work but another correct shortcut is created and does work.
Try to delete the blank desktop shortcut, not allowed, can't be found !
Try to delete the newly created, working shortcut, not allowed, can't be found !

The only temporary solution I have found to date is to change file & folder, "view hidden" option to view, this immediatly deletes the 2 desktop shortcuts I have been trying to delete.
Change view option back to "don't show hidden" and the shortcuts will remain deleted.

To the best of my knowledge nothing has changed with my system, however, I am suspicious that I installed 15 Windows updates a few days ago this could well have been the trigger event for this change, certainly can't think of anything else.

Other than rolling back the Windows updates one at a time, anyone any other ideas or indeed has anyone noticed a similar occurance recently ?
Title: Re: Win 8.1 Desktop Shortcuts
Post by: JTee33 on July 13, 2017, 02:27:12 AM
Sounds likely that windows updates would be your cause if that's the last thing you did that triggered the shortcuts issue. You can see which updates could pertain to it in your most recent updates and just not check that one when you do an update.