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Title: Old news - Scottish Government's 2021 30Mbps for 100% thing
Post by: Weaver on February 17, 2017, 05:19:49 PM
(This is quite an old article at ISPReview)

Is this at all real? Does anyone know? Or is it going to be one of these meaningless joke things where we find out that it has been already 'achieved' - because satellite exists? (So job done, that was quick.)

As I've said before, my worst fear is that the government creates a load of tin-pot crappy monopoly local deals so that disadvantaged users have no choice of ISP whereas normal people can have a choice of any ISP they like. After all, the only customers who exist are domestic users, businesses don't exist, and no one has quality requirements.
Title: Re: Old news - Scottish Government's 2021 30Mbps for 100% thing
Post by: gt94sss2 on February 17, 2017, 07:08:04 PM
The Scottish Government hasn't made much public process with this - in terms of releasing a draft contract or lots etc.

However, last month they seem to have appointed a legal firm to help them with some basic things:

The Service Provider must possess demonstrable advisory expertise in all of the following areas, particularly within the context of projects for the procurement of or investment in broadband infrastructure and/or electronic communications:
   Legal ICT expertise, including broadband infrastructure;
   Broadband State Aid;
   Public procurement processes for large infrastructure projects;
   Procurement Strategy Development for bespoke infrastructure projects;
   Contract drafting and negotiation;
   Proven track record of achieving results within timeframes and in line with programme objectives;
   Understanding of the Infrastructure Action Plan and the context of the R100 Programme;
   Understanding of the relevant regulatory environment; and
   Market knowledge and supplier intelligence in the electronic communications sector.

which makes you worry slightly about the level of their own internal knowledge/capability. (