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Title: Important notice - Please read before posting
Post by: kitz on November 05, 2016, 03:36:33 PM
This section is for members to sell or request broadband related hardware.
To be able to start a post in this section you must be of 'member status' with more than 20 non spammy posts.

I've set this section up after several requests and only after careful consideration. It will be run as a trial and a service for our reg members.   If this section gets abused then it will be closed.

It is specifically for modems, routers, switch, & telephony related items but excluding mobile phones.
It is not intended as a full classified service for retailers, nor to be used by those that may routinely sell such items on auction sites.
However we recognise that certain modems/routers may be hard to source and others may have spare kit lying around in need of a new home. does not endorse any product advertised and any transaction entered is solely between the vendor and purchaser.
We will not be responsible for, nor get involved in disputes between two parties.  Items bought or sold are at your own risk.