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Title: Editing xml feed
Post by: AV on March 12, 2008, 04:35:40 PM
Hi all. some time ago i bought a website template, the company i bought it from are also hosting the site. It came with its own admin area, where i can make changes to the sites look / layout etc, and also, it came with CPanel 10. I paid the company to set up for me, a live feed from a dropship supplier, which keeps my site updated daily with new products, discontinued products etc. What i am wanting to do is make some adjustments to this feed, as there are some products i dont want to sell etc, but when i asked the company, instead of telling me how i can do it, they simply want me to pay them to do it. I also enquired with them about adding a forum to the site, for which they said it would be 50 + VAT, i have since managed to do this myself and saved money! But i cant seem to find anything on the net which can give me some guideance on editing this feed i have. The company said, in order for me to do it, i would need a reader or something? I think they were just trying to baffle me with jargon so`s i would just pay them. If i can be guided in the right direction i know i can do this myself, as i did with the forum. Many thanks for any help on this.
Title: Re: Editing xml feed
Post by: havelock on March 12, 2008, 07:05:40 PM
Hi Av,

Usually you don't output XML directly to a web browser, AFAIK web browsers can't read XML properly and either a reader application, or a scripting language such as .ASP or .PHP depending on your site then parses this into browser understandable code. ( may be a good place to start...

Good Luck