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Title: Weird issue with FEC errors during office hours
Post by: tommy45 on September 01, 2015, 06:46:20 PM
This problem appears to have started last week  Friday 28th August From around 8am till 6pm  Fec errors where racking up in there thousands   then again Saturday same time frame, Sun /Mon normal FEC levels apart from a small burst yesterday lasting 3hrs
Again today @8.41am to 4.25pm crc and error seconds rates don't appear to be impacted by this FEC issue  throughput seems normal, But i have noticed that the Bit-swapping rate seems to drop during the periods that FEC levels are high for some reason?

I don't doubt that this is down to a neighbouring business premisses i just wish i knew what would cause this  for me and i don't doubt other residents nearby who have fixed bb , but if they will likely be blissfully unaware  or  think it's just some kind of fault ect and nothing can be done after DLM has hammered their connection , unless they too have FTTC

My MDWS user name is tom34 for stats