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Title: TalkTalk Wireless Router
Post by: fairmikerush on February 20, 2008, 03:13:19 PM
I must be one of the few people that WAS happy with talk talk.....That's until I went for the wireless router. Unsure of its type white with curved down sides, two banks of 4 green lights, aerial RHS at the back. (exact model is on ebay item no.260211148904). I connect a XP Home desk top via etnernet from the router & a XP Pro Laptop and also an XboX 360 for live connection via ethernet. The Xbox live connection works fine. The two computers show excellent signal strength but don't let me get onto the web.

Has anyone had similar problems as I'm getting pretty fed up with this and would welcome any help.
An IT pal says the routers working fine but I need "codes".

Many thanks

Title: Re: TalkTalk Wireless Router
Post by: roseway on February 20, 2008, 04:35:25 PM
Hi and welcome.

It's not quite clear how the computers are connected. You say that the XP desktop machine is connected via ethernet, but then you refer to signal strength (which implies a wireless connection). I'm going to assume that both PCs are connected wirelessly, but please tell me if I'm wrong.

This sounds as though the wireless configuration hasn't been completed. What you need to do is connect a PC directly via ethernet and then go into the router's web interface to configure it. In the wireless setup you should specify an SSID (any name you like) and the type of encryption to be used. WPA encryption is the best choice here, and give it a good hard-to-guess pass phrase. It's often a good idea also to select a different wireless channel from the default, although any channel should work OK.

Now you need to configure the wireless interfaces on the PCs to have the same configuration as the router, after which you should be able to connect properly.
Title: Re: TalkTalk Wireless Router
Post by: setecio on February 24, 2008, 12:06:00 PM
Hi, I think it is the Philips wireless router as shown on this page ... click on it if you need manuals.
Title: Re: TalkTalk Wireless Router
Post by: kitz on February 24, 2008, 04:29:10 PM
Thanks for that link setecio - good info there.   :)