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Title: BT Mail & Outlook
Post by: mywifeshusband on October 26, 2014, 08:26:00 PM
Sorry to have been away for so long. I've been busy getting old!
I wonder if others have encountered problems using OUTLOOK, Outlook Express, Windows live mail, with the new BT offering replacing BT/Yahoo  called BT Mail. What follows coincided with me being 'switched'
Let me say I have no difficulty with BT Mail other than it's not very user friendly, particularly if you want to check 2 or 3 accounts in one go. It sends and receives perfectly well on my Windows 7 PC and my old XP laptop. What it won't now do though is send out e'mails from any address on any computer connected to my BY home Hub 5. Change over from the HH5 to a G3 portable hot spot and the e'mails go well enough. Slowly but they go.
With the HH5 though I'm  repeatedly informed that my outgoing server has rejected my password/username. (that works perfectly with (a) BT Mail itself, or OUTLOOK 2010 etc when not sent via the HH5.
BT  off shore level 2 help have spent probably 3 to4 hours or more trying to  find a solution, - and having deleted and reinstalled accounts, changed password and usernames etc, FAILED.
When they told me to reset the HH5 by poking it with a pin, I thought they had lost the plot but for a little while it seemed to have worked. Not today though, it was just a fleeting hope belonging to yesterday.
 After a long  screen sharing session with BT Level 2 help this afternoon they coincided the problem had beaten them and they could not be held responsible for any 3rd party program a customer may want to use with  their BT Mail which was a perfectly good platform for all e'mail activity.
SO where do I go from here/ If BT are not able to function on industry standard software, what do I do. Tell the ombudsman, Ofcom, my MP, the local Bishop. Or do I have to accept this BT Mail is just beta software and all will come good if I wait.  :(
Title: Re: BT Mail & Outlook
Post by: mywifeshusband on October 26, 2014, 08:57:40 PM
Just re read my post and realise that I did not make it altogether clear that the SEND problem is restricted to OUTLOOK, Outlook Express and Live Mail. I can send via BT mail itself.
Yes I'm getting old
Title: Re: BT Mail & Outlook
Post by: Berrick on October 30, 2014, 07:53:36 AM
Sound like you are experiencing an old problem in a different way.

On the old BT mail platform Outlook for some users would often without apparent reason suddenly start asking for username and password. Even thought the correct credentials were entered it would still ask for them to be entered.

When this happened to me and I had the mis fortune of speaking to BT support they insisted that BT only had "one" mail server and as there was no problems with it the problem must be at my end :-/

The only common thread to my problem, yours and many, many others is BT mail and Outlook. When I spent a little time trying to find out what was happening it appear the problem was down to which servers (IP addresses) you ended up being connected to, so that may explain why you dont have a problem when connected to the hotspot.

I never found out why the problem happened and couldn't be bothered spending more time trying (I dont really use BT mail) but what always seemed to fixed the problem when it occured was to open a web browser and login to my bt yahoo account. After which Outlook stopped asking for username and password.

Title: Re: BT Mail & Outlook
Post by: Dray on October 30, 2014, 08:01:22 AM
I think it's down to using the wrong setting for the mail server. It only started happening to me when they transferred over to the secure ports.

What setting are you using?
Title: Re: BT Mail & Outlook
Post by: renluop on October 30, 2014, 09:38:34 AM
 Cross reference to other thread ( @07:35