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Title: Interleaving - BTw 21CN DLM
Post by: HPsauce on February 09, 2014, 12:16:55 PM
I'm posting here as it seems to be the most relevant thread, happy to move if not.  ;)

Having moved recently to PlusNet from Be my speeds are inevitably lower as I pushed my Be line with a 3dB margin and an intermediate level of interleaving.
After a few days of really low upstream speeds I asked for the initial 440kbps "cap" to be removed but it only went to 888kbps, which I was told was due to interleaving. Hmmm......
So I asked PN to take that off on Upstream, but as noted elsewhere I think they did it overall. Upstream improved to nearer 1.2mbps and downstream slightly.

However today I noticed that my downstream has jumped from around 15mbps to 18mbps!  ;D
Using the wonderful DSLstats I can see that my downstream margin is around 3dB.  :o (Upstream still around 6dB and 1.2mbps)
Is that likely to be DLM or just a resync at a very favourable time?  :-\

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Title: Re: Re: Interleaving - BToR DLM
Post by: kitz on February 11, 2014, 09:55:23 AM
Yes I believe the upstream cap is 888 for an interleaved line and it can be removed independent from the downstream for the BTw DLM.
Glad its given you a much better result :)

As to the 3dB, yes, there is such a profile on the BTw DLM but from what Ive seen the line normally has to be pretty stable to keep it.   Unfortunately I cant say if this was through PNs intervention or a lucky sync.   The best way to find out would either be asking PN, or attempting a resync (which you probably dont want to do!!!!)...  or just seeing how stable the line is.    If the SNRm doesnt normally fluctuate much, and if the SNRm doesnt fall too low then its probably that it was/is your target SNR.