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Title: even slower vista
Post by: tuftedduck on December 31, 2007, 03:45:58 PM
Interesting read at

To quote extract.........."
Using identical quad core Penryn HP xw8600 test rigs with NVidia Quadro FX 4600 graphics cards, 15,000rpm SAS hard

drives and 4GB of RAM, tests revealed that despite a minor boost in PC Mark (we found the same) vital real world uses

such as copying files across a wired network and hard disk file transfers have not only not been improved, they've actually

gotten worse.

Across a network transferring a 1.37GB file took three minutes 37 seconds using Windows XP SP2, the known Vista bug

caused the same file to take a whopping 12 minutes 58 seconds, while Vista SP1 RC1 took even longer at 15 minutes 41

seconds. Furthermore, hard drive read and write tests using those lightening 15,000rpm SAS drives produced read/write

figures of 119MBps/123MBps on XP SP2, just 83MBps/61MBps on Vista and a pitiful 80MBps/53MBps on Vista SP1 RC1.

So while the Vista's preliminary service pack does bring many welcome bug fixes it isn't without major quibbles of its own.
Even more worrying, XP SP3 RC1 promises to bring an impressive 10 per cent performance boost over SP2 making the

incentive to upgrade to Vista smaller than ever. "
Title: Re: even slower vista
Post by: Azzaka on January 02, 2008, 09:23:39 AM
I did  notice the same issue with my Sata Drives. Removed SP1 and all is good once more.

The incentive is there if you are not a coder. (ie: love pulling xp apart) If you don't then yes Vista is simple and intuative otherwise, stick with XP or Linux.

-My 2 Cents.