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How to Post Photos or Screenshots In The Forums.
First, Sign up and register with Photobucket at:

To copy a screenshot from your computer, you have a choice of ways to create the screenshot:

1. ScreenHunter
A nice little program for selecting screenshots is called: "ScreenHunter"
Which enables you to "Copy, Cut, Paste and save, without having to use or open any other program.
Available from:
Suitable for XP and Vista.
Then follow the instructions from No4 below, To Upload Your screenshot or Picture to Photobucket
2. Vista users
Vista users will find they have a "Snipping Tool" included with their system.
Which can be found in, "All programs > Accessories" one suggestion would be to right click it and choose add to quick launch so you have handy access to it all the times.

3. XP users
A) Open the page that you want and press "PrintScreen" (Prt Sc) on your keyboard.
B) Click "Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint"
C) In the open Paint window click "Edit > Paste". This will paste your PrintScreen Image.
... If you need to adjust the image by cropping out any unwanted parts, you will need to use a different program afterwards.
D) Click "File > Save As" and select My Pictures and name it, followed by "Save".
4. To Upload Your Screenshot Or Picture to Photobucket:..
A) Login to ""
B) Choose an image from your PC by clicking "Browse" then select the image or picture that you want to post and click "Upload".
C) On completion of uploading, your image will appear in the lower part of the window with links beneath it.
D) For "most" forums click on the link that says: "IMG Code" next to it will be the code to copy that will start with:-
... [IM.G] http://i92...etc’ (it will also automatically copy the code and say "copied" when you click on the code).

5. Close Photobucket and return to the forum.

6. In the Post or Reply panel "right click" where you want the image to appear and then click "Paste".

7. To check what it looks like:
While you still have the typing panel open, the text will be seen as:-

If you click Preview, the preview panel will now open and your image will appear.

NB: DO NOT remove or replace any of the [ ] brackets, or your image will not appear.

Original text courtesy of Dave.M & Anne r
Edited to include the change of format to .gif or .jpg in Paint, also Vista text added.

Just one point OF... when you save in Paint, it defaults to .bmp unless you choose .jpg from the drop down list of file types.

For screen shots, it's better to save the image as a gif, a smaller file with enough details to display all colours.

Yes, gif is usually best for screenshots, and jpg is best for photos.

I know Apple Mac users are a small, but slightly increasing, minority but you might like to add the following method which is available under all versions of Mac OS X.

1.  Press and hold down the Apple (Command) and Shift keys, then press the figure 4. The cursor arrow will change to a cross hair symbol.

2.  Place the cross hair on one corner of the area you wish to "photograph", press and hold down the mouse button and drag across to the diagonally opposite corner of the required area which will become shaded as the cross hair is moved. Then release the mouse button upon which you will hear a camera click if your sound is on. A new file will appear on the desktop with the name Picture n - where n is the next available number.

3.  Double click on the resultant picture file to open it using Preview. From the File menu select "save as" and enter a more meaningful title and select Gif from the pull-down menu. The Gif file will be a smaller copy of the original file but will still be on the desktop unless you selected another storage location.

4.  It is then possible in your Kitz forum window to select "Additional Options and File Attachments" and click the browse button to find the required gif file (unless you want all users to follow your uploading instructions).

Kind regards,


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