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Author Topic: Industry Says UK Gov and Regulation is Key Barrier to Full Fibre Rollout  (Read 397 times)


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A recent debate of the Digital Infrastructure Panel (hosted by law firm Herbert Smith Freehills), which included representatives from ISPs BT, Hyperoptic and Virgin Media, has highlighted government policy and or regulation as the “key barrier” to large-scale investment in “full fibre” (FTTH/P) broadband.

Overall some 50% of attendees identified the above issue as a key barrier, while 23% said that access to funding (public and/or private) was the main barrier and another 23% pointed to the technology’s “challenging economics” (e.g. high deployment costs and uncertain consumer demand) as the primary stumbling block.

The government needs to get serious about this subject or it could mean an extremely slow rollout of full fibre.

It would be good to be able to get one of the top government influencers on here for an hour or so. I'm sure we'd give him/her all the solutions :)
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This is something that some of us have been saying for a long time in that regulation and gov is hindering progress.      I don't think that we need to get rid of OFCOM outright as the Telco's still need a regulatory body to answer to - without one I've no doubt some sharp practices would occur.

Areas where they have got it wrong is VULA and it's about time to de-regulate all the exchanges.    If an [LLU] ISP is going to enter an exchange then they would have done so long before now. 

OFCOM's eagerness to promote "cheap & switch" is also wrong.   The customers who switch each year are never profitable as set-up fees & modem costs have to be recouped somehow, which usually means cutting back on service. The yearly switch doesn't help promote the Good ISPs who provide decent service and don't cut corners. 
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they simply need to concentrate on consumers directly instead of competition and wholesale
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