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Author Topic: BT 2200 Dect phone problem  (Read 138 times)


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BT 2200 Dect phone problem
« on: January 06, 2018, 05:46:53 PM »

I had for a number of years a Netgear Dect/Skype phone which has been fault-less in day to day operation, and a Panasonic Dect phone, but since Microsoft took over the Skype network, they decided to retire the older Skype/Dect phones.
I then reluctantly purchased 3 BT 2200 units, I paired these along into my network.
When a call comes in the Phones ring twice, then rings continuously and won't let you answer the call >:D
I have a wired BT Decor phone as well.
My other half has also noticed that the call volume 'Bobs' up and down during the call from both the wired and the Dect system. (as detailed by others as well in there posts!)
I'm on a ECI cab.

Is it a line card issue or fault with the phone, do others have similar issues?
Also the older Netgear and Panasonic phones were very quite (background noise, during phone calls).
Dect technology seems to going backwards :(, these new units are just terrible :'(

Doe's anybody have any good (Quite) Dect phones to recommend?

Might try to palm these off to my dad, as he's a bit mutton jeff..... :fingers: