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I was looking to raise a new thread on a new scam type call but wondered where to put it as it related to phone rental and call costs rather than broadband. On searching I find scam calls being reported all over different boards. So I would like to suggest we have one new board (or sub board) somewhere for reports of scams of all types. (As yet I've not created my new thread)

What do the mods and Kitz feel about this?


I can't make my mind up about this. Scams have become such an everyday occurrence that a separate scam section risks quickly becoming full to overflowing, and losing its benefit. On the other hand, a place to highlight the really serious new scams would be useful.

I do understand the problem, its just that when I went looking where to post my thread I found scams all over the place, plus since this was not broadband specific but phone line related I was in a bit of a quandary as to where to post it as there did not seem a place relating to phone lines, I am quite happy to post in Chat in this case. The scam is unlikely to catch out any here but worth noting in case of elderly relatives etc.


Tech Chat (rather than Chit Chat) would be my suggestion.

Anything scam related usually goes in the Security Section
There's a few other threads in there that relate to Scam phone calls


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