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--- Quote ---~ How fast is FTTC & what speed will I get?

The current maximum speed is 'up to' 80Mbps downstream and 'up to' 20Mbps upstream. In the UK FTTC can be provisioned as 80/20, 40/10 or 40/2.
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Black Sheep:
There's also 18/2 available.  :)

Acknowledged.  :)

There is also an 18/2 Openreach product, I believe?  :-\

Kitz will add a note to the ToDo list, for action when time permits.

Edit: I see Purple Sheep has already flagged up the 18/2 . . . my paws are slow, today.

Purple Sheep has his high speed coat on  ;)

Black Sheep:
Ha ha ..... similar to Harry Potters 'Invisibility Cloak' ....... my newly acquired 'Purple Jacket' turns me into a demon-typer !!

I've actually already answered a question in the FTTC/FTTP section, that hasn't yet been asked.  ;D ;D


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