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Author Topic: Suddenly Lost 28Mbps from the DS  (Read 650 times)


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Suddenly Lost 28Mbps from the DS
« on: September 05, 2017, 03:13:53 AM »

Typically my line is fairly stable, a couple of weeks ago my router (a billion 8900-AX2400) locked up, so I updated the firmware to the latest recommendation at the time (this firmware version was released in May this year) as it had some fixes that were impacting me (DDNS not working with NO-IP and the wireless schedule not operating correctly). However performing the software update the DSL connection has been resetting every couple of days, so on Sunday I reverted back to the older firmware. However yesterday morning the sync speed reduced from ~79Mbps to ~52Mbps.

I was wondering if this was all a coincidence, or if there is a problem with either the router of the line, my stats are available on mydslwebstats (olwalh). Any thoughts from those how can better understand the stats greatfully received.

I have just disconnected the router for ~40 minutes and reconnected the sync speed is back up to ~ 78Mbps.


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Re: Suddenly Lost 28Mbps from the DS
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2017, 05:14:05 PM »

So the sync rate has restored back to its normal level, however suddenly last night the FEC counts rocketed from around 100 pm to around 330000 pm and is highlighted yellow in mydslstats.

Does this typically indicate a line or router fault. I seem to get this from time to time where the line is typically stable then it just goes mental, then I call BT they send an engineer, do some tests the stability returns, and 5)3 six or nine months later we are back to square one again.


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Re: Suddenly Lost 28Mbps from the DS
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2017, 10:23:12 AM »

Having had a quick look at your stats, you are on a Target SNRm of 3dB, which indicates DLM thinks your line is pretty stable

It looks like your router was switched off at ~8am.   After you resynced, the line came back up with 7.4dB of SNRm which would account for circa 15Mbps of speed.  Over the course of the day the SNRm continued to climb back to what I assume is a level more consistent with your line.

Why the router would on face value appear to ignore the 3dB Target and then why later in the day the SNRm increased further Im afraid I can offer no explanation other than something went skewy. Your G.INP Bearer 1 param was also lower during this same period. 

A fresh resync seems to have brought everything back to normal. We do sometimes see a line behave erratically after a power outage when the router comes up under its own steam.  A full power cycle of the router often fixes it. 

Ive had a look at some of your other stats.  Hlog is perfectly fine.  QLN shows very slight noise fuzz and some signs of crosstalk, but nothing that causes me anything of concern.

You had a patch of Err/Secs between 11am-11pm on 3rd Sept but insufficient to worry DLM.
The patch of FECs between 10pm 6th Sept to 5pm 7th Sept is odd especially as your SNRm for that period was rock steady and your LEFTRS remained at zero.

TBH I can see anything really wrong with the physical side of the line - if an engineer came out he would likely declare it as perfect. I cant offer any explanation for what happened other than to say perhaps your modem threw one of those hissy-fits that do occasionally happen after a power outage.  :-\
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